NEW ALBUM "No Fear, Full Of Love" OUT 1/20!

I’m very happy to announce that my new album “No Fear, Full Of Love” is coming out on January 20th! Album will be on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play, Spotify and Bandcamp. Also, there are limited copies of CDs. It features some of the most amazing musicians in New York: Justin Brown, Ben Williams, Troy Roberts, Caleb Curtis, Alina Engibaryan, Vanisha Gould. I feel lucky and very grateful to have had this chance to play and record my music with them.

‘a friend of mine once told me about the power of lyrics we use in music and that we’re programming ourselves towards their meaning – if we write ‘I feel so good/bad’ we’ll be feeling that way. so i thought what state i wanted to be in. lots of things we dream to accomplish never come about because we are entrapped in our fears and doubts that blind us from noticing and enjoying what happens to us. but I don’t want to be defined by what I fear. i had to overcome plenty of my fears and put all my heart and soul into making this album so I hope it will encourage you to do the things you fear the most, to play, speak and live with honesty, awareness and love. no fear, full of love.’

Giedrius Nakas

1. Resistance
2. Dark Green Glass (feat. A. Engibaryan)
3. Zero Gravity
4. Everything I’ve Lost Comes Back To Me
5. No Fear, Full Of Love
6. Two Weeks (feat. V. Gould)
7. Letter For B
8. Omni-presence
9. Sour Grapes

All compositions by G.Nakas.

No Fear, Full Of Love


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