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“No Fear, Full Of Love” (2018):

Giedrius Nakas – No Fear, Full Of Love (2018)

Album “Recall”:
Giedrius Nakas – Recall (2015)
this is my project of songs that need to be sung. it was done beautifully by a very special vocalist Alina. it was recorded in 2015 in Groningen with my friends.

Giedrius Nakas Trio:
Giedrius Nakas Trio live
this is a live performance of my trio. we are playing my original tune “Dark Green Glass” for the very first time, also first trio version of “Resistance” and my arrangement of the beautiful “Maiden Voyage” by the master Herbie Hancock. this was recorded during my finals in 2016. p.s. i passed :)

I played the most live performances with this one and only group “Saulės Kliošas”. this band is very dear to me, we share a lot of great moments together being on and off the bandstand. this is the last album called “Energy”:

Project called “Re: Muzika, kuri gime vakar”:

Leonardas Pilkauskas – saxophone
Giedrius Nakas – keys
Donatas Bielunskis – bass
Augustas Baronas – drums
Kotryna Janutaitė – vocal

Special guest: Markas Palubenka – vocal


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