Listen to my album "Recall" online!

you can listen to my album “Recall” from now on at Lithuanian streaming platform here:
Giedrius Nakas – Recall (2015)

it includes my tunes (and my arrangement of Miles Davis’ standard):
1. Recall
2. Wholeness
3. Unanswered
4. Nardis (by Miles Davis)
5. Glimpse Of Love

it features wonderful musicians and my friends:
Alina Engibaryan (voice)
Makram Aboul Hosn (double bass)
Mikel Urretagoiena (drums) (tracks 2-3)
Samvel Sarkisyan (drums) (track 5)
Jonas Gliaudelis (drums) (tracks 1, 5)

it was recorded in 2015, Groningen, The Netherlands.

hope you enjoy!


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