this February, 2015, me and my friends recorded a song I wrote in November, 2014. it was the first tune I wrote while being in Groningen. while practicing, I was reading some Bill Evans’ stuff and it had a simple B minor chord inversion written. I played it and it sounded beautiful, but it seemed like it was leading somewhere, so I resolved that Bm7 to Gm6 and this was the first phrase of the song. later, when I tried it with trio, I thought it would sound good with a voice. so I asked Alina if she would like to join, because her beautiful tone would fit perfectly. she liked the song and wrote the lyrics for it. it was the first time we collaborate with her.

it was recorded in Prince Claus conservatory with Mikel Urretagoiena (drums), Makram Aboul Hosn (double bass) and Alina Engibaryan (voice).